Take the first step in an intergalactic race for mathematics mastery. As a young cadet you are faced with the challenge of completing different training courses to master the precision of your ship while navigating by solving mathematics questions.

Math Core is designed to help build your fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Increase your difficulty level, upgrade your ship, become the best space pilot the galaxy has ever encountered. Fly faster, gain math fluency, and be prepared to face challenge after challenge. If you’re successful, you will have proven yourself worthy of flying your ship outside of the AI training. Take this first step to joining the fight against an evil force that wishes to dominate human beings. Only by developing your logic, mathematics, and flying abilities will you be able to help in the fight to save humanity.

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    Action Packed

    Fast gameplay as you navigate different tracks

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    Customized Difficulty

    Choose the math facts you want to practice

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    Performance Reports

    Track your fluency mastery over time

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    Customize Your Ship

    Customize your ship and make it one of the best in the galaxy

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    Mini Games

    Continue to test your math fluency with exciting mini-games

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    EEG Integrated

    EEG integration that changes your game experience based on your brain activity



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