Enter the game grid where trance music abounds and your math skills will be put to the test. The upbeat tempo mirrors the frenetic pace at which your mind is challenged to create connected equations using addition and subtraction to hit your target number. Players are given the opportunity to use a limited number of hints to help solve particularly vexing target numbers. Can you rise in the ranks of the leaderboards while beating the timer that is counting down as fast as the beats are generated? Use strategy to gain more time. Correct answers add valuable seconds to your timer; incorrect answers dramatically decrease your timer. If you run out of time, take a minute, watch a video and gain more time to continue your game session. Put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and engage your mind in this challenging and fun math puzzle swiping game.

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    Upbeat Trance Music

    Original music to help you enjoy your game

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    Only five hints per game session – Use them wisely

  • Connector.


    Reach your target number with combinations of addition and subtraction

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    Extend Time

    Extend your time by watching videos



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