Swen are bat like creatures that live on tall trees and strongly defend their territory from any external influence. Wandering into their territory will lead to death. Swen are one of the wildlife creatures living in the planet Miedo. This character is used in Renwa Challenge, part of the Axon Infinity universe developed by Qneuro.


Commander of the resistance forces, Mako Rane’s sister and Syler’s childhood friend. She has learned a lot from her mentor Professor Finray and now is a formidable force against the Azura’s. Aurelia also has the same goal as Professor Finray, preventing the destruction of Earth by the Azura’s. Aurelia is a part of Axon Infinity: …

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Mako is a double edged sword for the Azura’s. His current powers where granted to him by the Azuran leader Kadora, and he has been turned into a weapon to do the bidding of the Azura’s. But Mako, has strong willpower and his affection towards his family, causes trouble for the Azura’s. Aurelia, the commander …

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