Neuro Racer

Make learning fun! Futuristic racing style game that integrates user generated questions to gamify the learning experience. Advanced Brain-Adapt technology that uses optional EEG and data analytics to create the most efficient path to learning any subject matter. Play alone or with multiple players for a team experience.

Quiz Scene

Qneuro’s central App that allows the user to navigate multiple games that make the learning experience fun. You generate your own question lists for any material you want to learn. These question banks are then integrated into a variety of fun games.  Multiplayer functionality allows you to play with friends or classmates. Educators can create question banks that their students can use to help learn the material.

Qneuro's Mathlab

Common Core State Standards are the building blocks we used to design Finray’s MathLab, making it more than just fun edtech. It’s edtech teachers can use. The customizable map that appears in the beginning of each section describes each mini game and the specific standard it’s built to assess, so teachers have full control over how to integrate Finray’s MathLab into their classes. Who says it’s only fun for the students?