Axon Infinity: Genesis


Kadora is the leader of the Azura’s and the nemesis of Syler, Aurelia, Finray and the entire human race. Kadora controls Mako Rane and Bhim Rane to make the plan of building zin extractors go smoothly. Kadora intends to devoid Earth of all it’s zin, with zin extractors which destroy life and also destroys the …

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Renwa Tree

Renwa is one of the tallest trees present in the planet of Miedo. This where one of the important event of planet Miedo happens. This tree is present in Renwa Challenge and Axon Infinity: Genesis, part of the Axon Infinity universe developed by Qneuro.


Mora is from the Cerabu tribe in the planet Miedo. He represents the Cerabu tribe of Miedo. Mora meets Syler and after a brief discussion, come to an agreement to help each other to defeat his nemesis Vindora from the Pretomal tribe. Will Mora and Syler be able to achieve their goals? Find it out …

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Rudra is a very advanced robot built to defend HAIRO. Rudra has the power to destroy entire spaceships and has advanced nanobots built into it’s exo-skeleton which gives Rudra the ability of regeneration when damaged. Rudra always make sure to defend HAIRO from all sorts of crisis in Axon Infinity: Genesis, part of the Axon …

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Neurobot is an advanced robotic system that is programmed to provide assistance to any new cadets who join our cause of fighting the Azura’s. They have various other functions and are very friendly and caring in nature. Even though they are man made robots, they have emotions and they always respect the humans. Experience Neurobot …

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