How does it work ?

We use a combination of EEG data and analytics to modify the game play and how learning material is presented. There are a whole bunch of technical details our engineers and scientists have worked out in order to make this happen, but the end result is a highly engaging user experience that leaves users wanting to play more and more….of an educational game!

What are the benefits of using this technology ?

The Qneuro system is an intelligent learning program that uses a number of metrics to present the material to the user in a manner that allows them to learn as efficiently as possible. Imagine being presented information in a way that is most appropriate for the way your brain processes information. Learning will never be the same again.

Do i face any risk by wearing an EEG headset?

The EEG is a passive recording device and emits nothing of its own. It is completely safe for use in all age groups and has routinely been used safely in the medical setting for decades.

Will this read my mind ?

No, this will not read your mind. This is a device that records naturally generated electrical signals that are produced by the natural firing of brain cells in everyone’s brain. The EEG is just a sensitive recording device that can pick up these naturally occurring electrical signals. While there is a great deal of information that we can pick up that gives insight into brain activity, it is nowhere close to being able to read anyone’s mind.

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