Qneuro’s MathLab School is a futuristic adventure game that combines the imagination and math skills of a child’s mind and pits it against an ominous force threatening the planet earth. MathLab utilizes live EEG from the Neurosky headset, by integrating EEG into the software the game optimizes learning for the user continually throughout gameplay. MathLab is an assessment-style supplemental tool for the Common Core State Standards of mathematics that combines state of the art graphics and an enriching storyline, making learning fun and efficient. MathLab’s initial release covers third grade with fourth grade soon to be released. Be on the cutting edge of this fun and futuristic learning technology by giving your child a powerful tool that will help enrich their math skills. The future of learning is here today. Experience smarter learning with Qneuro’s MathLab. This edition is for schools and faculty deployment on Grade 3


You can create any number of classes to add students and assign them assessment tests to ensure they have understood the concept.


Our EEG algorithm measures cognitive load and adapts the game to make the student focus on the task at hand, in turn helping them to master the domain and standard faster.


Every student’s mastery of a particular, domain and standard can be monitored by the teacher, allowing them to focus on kids who have not performed well.

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You will get full access to add, remove and manage the number of student’s you have in your class.


Teachers can demo all the games for every domain and standard before they assign it to their students. This allows the teachers to explain gameplay in case the students have trouble understanding how to solve in the game.


* Uses EEG to optimize learning for the students
* Access reports to get an idea of how the students are performing