NeuroRacer is a fun and interactive futuristic racing game that gamifies your learning experience. Take almost any subject or topic you want to learn and enter in your questions in one of three different formats. Then drive your ship across various worlds as you collect crystals and upgrade your ship by answering your own questions!


NeuroRacer uses an advanced algorithm to ensure you master your topics with the highest efficiency. Best of all you will have a blast doing it!

* Enter your own questions (minimum 10, maximum 250)
* Fun filled futuristic racing game to play your questions in
* Advanced Brain Adapt algorithm for rapid mastery of the material
* EEG compatible to adapt the game to your brain state for highest learning efficiency

Multiplayer games

* NeuroRacer can be played with friends
* You can compete with your friends
* All while learning your favorite subjects
* NeuroRacer will have collaborative and tournament style gameplay in the near future.