01 Description

SCRAM is a fun filled action packed real-time multiplayer game. Play as robots competing against your friends and random players all over the world.Compete up to two to six players exploring the unique environments set up in a space theme.Immersive gameplay with various powerups as collectiblesEvery match you win will reward with experience points (XP) that help you to increase your collectible abilities and level up your profile.

Freeze Powerup: 
Ready steady freeze! Use this to freeze an opponent for a certain period of time.
Speed Powerup: 
It's okay to be fast! Just trigger the powerup and increase your speed.
Fire Powerup:
Use this powerup to destroy the path behind you to block an opponent's movement.
Snail Powerup:
Got a tough opponent no issues!! Slow down the opponent's movement to gain an advantage over them.

* Real-time multiplayer racing experience.
* Races are short and intense.
* Unique environments to explore.
* Easy to control mechanics.
* Requires internet connection to play.
* Awesome power-ups to play with.
* Earn XP and increase your skill level.