Brain Monitoring

Real time brain monitoring with EEG (optional) that allows the game to adjust to keep the user in that ‘sweet spot’ for learning.

Unique Technology

Brain Adapt technology is unique to Qneuro’s system of learning. The program combines data and brain state measurements to determine the optimal learning state for the user and the program adapts to ensure the user learns in the fastest, most effective way possible.

Track Progress

Track your progress with advanced reports that give you specific analysis on your learning progress.

Learning Algorithm

Learning algorithm for optimal repetition just before the brain forgets so excess review isn’t required to retain the knowledge.


Axon Infinity 100 EEG Headset

K-12 Education

Quiz Scene

Qneuro’s Mathlab

Military Readiness

Cognitive Optimization


Cognitive Readiness Test

About us

At Qneuro, we Imagine Smarter Learning through the cutting edge convergence of education and neurotechnology. Integrating real-time brain monitoring with adaptive teaching and assessment platforms, our applications engage and entertain users while maximizing learning efficiency.
We are a team of educators, neuroscientists, game designers, artists and engineers working collaboratively to create a truly game changing technology. This multidisciplinary approach is one that we truly believe will help better the world by revolutionizing education.

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